Alix Maple

House Teamus Master-at-Arms


Physical description:
24 years old, 6’3", 220 lbs., dark brown hair, blue eyes, missing left arm, has a habit of standing sideways during conversation, speaks with a Braavosi accent

Experience Awarded: 47
Experience Remaining: 7
Destiny Points Awarded: 3
Destiny Points Spent: 0
Destiny Points Burned: 1
Destiny Points Remaining: 2

Left at Edgeguard: Wagon, Heavy chest x3, Splint, Baratheon sword hilt, Teamus goblets x5, Hides, Bronze head of statue of the children of the forest, Left arm, saddlebags x3, Mom’s Teamus deck, 20 gold

Taken to Blacktyde: Backpack, Waterskin, Flint & steel, Belt pouch, Torch x3, Whetstone, Northern garb, Rope, Provisions for travelling (bread, cheese, salted meat), 1 courser, 4g77ss.

Left with Nicodemus/Given to Mason Teamus: Flint & steel x2, Lamp, Torch x12, Whetstone x4, Travelers garb, Noble’s garb, Soldier’s Tent, Rope x2, Iron stakes x6, Destrier, Saddlebags, Provisions for travelling (bread, cheese, salted meat), Snake venom antidote, Lizard Lion Tooth necklace, Courser, painting of nude women on a beach, 5-6 cards from a Teamus Deck containing the likeness of the current royalty.

Abilities > Rank 2:
Agi4(2bQuick), Ath5(2bStr), Aware3, Endure4(1bRes), Fight5(1bFence, 2bLblades), Lang2(Braavosi&Common), Pers2(1bSeduce)

Blood of the Andals (fighting), Water Dancer I & II, Long Blade Fighter I, Expertise (Fight – Lblades)

Lascivious, Nemesis (Rosoy Risle), Maimed (missing left arm)

Carried Weapons & Armor:
Bastard Sword (superior), Longsword, Arakh, Stiletto, Breastplate

House Darry is an ally, holds to the motto “accustom yourself not to custom”, provides his own food/drink on adventures, first cousin to Jolvan Teamus & Jerrick (both dead).


Alix Maple was raised by his father, Axil Maple, the overseer of weapons and equipment at the Syrio Forel Water Dancing School in Braavos. His mother, Margryt Teamus (youngest aunt to Jolvan Teamus), died in childbirth to her only son.

In his youth, Alix assisted his father with his duties at the SFWDS and, to his utmost excitement, was accepted to the school at age 9, the youngest student ever to be accepted for training. He quickly advanced through the ranks, becoming a WD: I in just 3 years. Six years after that, he was elevated to the rank of WD: II.

After that, his progress quickly stalled because of his constant quarrels with his instructors and increasingly frequent rebellions against the school’s policies. Without fail, Water Dancers fight with fencing weapons. However, minimal training is provided for other kinds of swords should the WD ever find himself without his Braavosi blade; and WDs train to fight against opponents using all kinds of weapons as well. But Alix would constantly argue that a WD should not limit himself to just fencing weapons. He much preferred blending the strengths of the fighting style of WD with weapons that could inflict much greater damage. He often accused his instructors and the school of following custom for custom’s sake.

As his focus on his training faded, his interest in other activities grew. He often broke curfew sneaking out of the school and into the city to see if he could scare up some vagina. His licentiousness grew until he would say or do anything to satisfy the raging hormones that filled him. Within a year of attaining the coveted rank of WD: II by the unprecedented age of 18, Alix Maple quit the school without warning to seek his fortune across the Narrow Sea.

During Alix’s dissidence, the SFWDS hired a new instructor for the WD: I students. The new instructor, Rosoy Risle, was a WD: II entering his 40s and, at his age, had no real chance of ever achieving WD: III. He moved his family to the school and within 6 months it was clear that his daughter, Nymerio, had a rather large fetus inside her. Questions were asked and Alix was implicated. In light of all his other recent infractions, some kind of punishment had to be brought against Alix. Rosoy was livid; he wanted to kill Alix, but since both were members of the school, it was kind of against the rules to kill him.

A trial ensued. The day before the verdict was to be delivered, Alix’s frustration with the rigidity of tradition snapped and he told his father he intended to quit the SFWDS, regardless of the decision. He wanted to live in a world where men could make their own rules instead of blindly doing what their instructors instructed. Fighting is an art, a creation; and one cannot create if one is bound by the rules of their fighting style. When his father heard that Alix intended to quit, he cried.

“Rosoy Risle will try to kill you the moment you are no longer a student of the school.”

“I do not fear Risle,” replied Alix.

“I understand,” said his father, “but only one of you can survive the fight. If you live, who will care for Nymerio?”

“Her mother.”

Axil looked sadly at his brash, young son, “And for Nymerio’s child?”


Seeing, then, that his son was not compelled by matters of the heart, Axil changed tactics. He talked with his son throughout the day and learned that what his son really craved was fame. Alix believed he could become the greatest fighter ever, but not if he was limited in his education. He did not want to master some other fighting style, but to create his own – one that was superior to all others. And, as the father of such a style, he would attain the fame he craved, and the groupies that came with it.

In learning this, his father was able to convince him that he could better achieve these goals in Westeros than Braavos. “Your mother came from a powerful house of nobles in Westeros.”

“Westeros is a land of foolish barbarians.”

“True, but barbarians have no laws or customs, and foolish women are easier to seduce.”

Alix smiled.

His father continued, “If, tomorrow, you quit the school after the trial, you will be forced to fight Rosoy. That can only end badly: you would either be dead or outside the school walls with blood on your hands in a city that views you in disgrace.”

Alix stopped smiling.

“However,” said his father, “if you take a ship tonight to Westeros, to the lands of your mother’s inheritance, there need be no fight, no disgrace, no infamy.”

“But how will they know me there?”

“I have something.” Axil went into his room and returned with an old wooden chest, which he opened. From it, he withdrew an old, beat up deck of cards bound with string. “These were your mother’s. She said all the members of her royal house had a deck of their own, with the likeness of the current nobility imprinted on each card. Look here’s your mother’s card.” He held up the Lady of Wildlings.

“What funny looking cards,” said Alix.

And so it was that Alix Maple, nearly 19, was convinced by his father to sneak out of the school the night before the trial. He left with his “inheritance”: 10 gold dragons, a greatsword from the school’s armory, and a deck of cards. Leaving Braavos, Alix took a boat to Widow’s Watch and travelled north to First to Last, home of Edgeguard, seat of House Teamus. There he learned the truth of his mother’s exaggerations to his father. Despite the blow to his aspirations of fame, Alix learned the value of arriving at a smaller house than anticipated: he was immediately the most skilled fighter in the land with Teamus blood in his veins. Upon providing his mother’s deck of cards to prove his heritage, despite the low status derived from his father’s blood, he was immediately appointed as the castle’s Master-at-Arms.

At the time of our adventure’s commencement, Alix had been serving in this position for ~2 years. He headed south with the party to participate in Joffrey’s name-day tourney. There he took 2nd in Log Rolling, won a marathon, and was declared 1 of 4 winners in the Grand Melee, though he battled Thoros of Myr in 1v1 battle to claim a total of 1/2 of the pot of gold. Returning to Edgeguard, he narrowly escaped being branded by the infamous bandit White Fawn and was forced to kill Dax, Eckhard’s shadowcat, whose 1k gold bounty was otherwise invested in House Teamus Law Enforcement along with all of Alix Maple’s winnings from the tournament.

As a bodyguard for Lord Mason Teamus, Alix accompanied another Teamus entourage to the Latneau castle where he was kidnapped in the night and had his left arm amputated. He was freed mysteriously by an unknown man. His recovery has been a long one, but he is rigorous in his rehab and is just as deadly an offensive fighter as ever. After the Latneau wedding, he traveled to Winterfell, Pembrook, back to Winterfell, and then to a small village in the NW Wolfswood. Throughout these adventures, he and his party have been shadowed by a mysterious figure who has returned Alix’s arm and has left clues claiming that he is avenging Alix before he will finally kill Alix.

Upon returning to Edgeguard with the party and Wyatt Snow in tow, Alix Maple resumed his daily habits of training in the castle and whoring in the city. One morning, he returned to the castle with his new assistant, Abbott, and his favorite whore, Saffron, only to be denied entry. He then joined Fiona and Lewyn in a scheme to gain entry to the castle and let in an army to defeat the Boltons, who were suspected to be inside and in control of the castle. Lewyn poisoned the occupants of the castle with Red Dust and the whole castle killed and razed itself. Alix, with others, found Jolvan and the female heir flayed in their bedchambers and, on an unrelated note, fought Eckhard Stone in an epic battle, which resulted in Eckhard’s death.

Alix then left with a group of heroes to track down and rescue Mason Teamus and, possibly, Meralyn Teamus. His party was able to shut down an illegal mining operation run by Oswyn the Thrice Hanged. The party killed and burned Oswyn the Thrice Hanged and freed many slaves, including a wealthy merchant based in Seagard named Nicodemus who offered them assistance. They discovered Mason was being taken to Blacktyde Island, so they went to Seagard to call on Nicodemus and use his promise of help to obtain a ship and sellswords for the rescue mission. While in Seagard, the party encountered Hayes Hunter at the home of Nicodemus and Alix was persuaded to visit a Braavosi whore named Queen Hemlock, who gave Alix a VD that reduced all his rolls by 1, which he was able to beat two days later by rolling 16 on an Endurance test.

Alix Maple

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