The Bear, The Heir, & The Maiden Fair

Day 82 - Picking Up the Pieces

After the fires are put out in Edgeguard, the party leaves Lewyn’s army in the care of Rickard Karstark. They set out, based on a letter from Iris Latneau, to pursue what they assume to be Mason’s captors. Along the way, they are aided at an inn at Torrhen’s Square by the Tallhart’s intelligence agents, who seems to keep lawlessness out of his lands with great skill.

The party is directed to another inn to the south, just north of The Neck, where it seems a violent scuffle took place involving several individuals. While investigating the inn, they find a talisman which depicts an unknown house sigil.

The party is able to track the murderer’s hasty exit through the swamp, where the party was greatly injured by a nest of mating lizard-lions. All the while, the party finds cards from a Teamus deck, in their minds proving that they are on the right track.

After meeting with a crannogman, who led them safely out of the swamp, the party continues on and finds a cave which housed Greyjoy pirates and longships at one time, or so they assume. A large ruby was found in the cave.

They continued on and found a trail leading north, which they ignored, but rounding up a hill, they notice that path lead to a large rocky hill. The party is spending the night until they can decide what they wish to do the next morning.



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