The Bear, The Heir, & The Maiden Fair

House Savil

Kellen & silver tongued Flynn plotted themselves into House Savil by offering to join the Targaryan crusaders. They posed as applicants, along with Flick, and managed to step into Savil’s stronghold. They were shown rooms, and made weaponless. Flynn told Savil about the party, and suggested they were suspicious characters to be apprehended. The Deception worked, and the army soon found and rounded up the rest of the party members, to their shock. Lewyn almost fought the entire army then and there.

Savil knew who Alix Maple was, although he was not familiar to the rest of the party, and had plotted with, and without, Maple’s nemesis, Rosoy Risle, to bring Maple to a possible death. However, Alix offered his service to Savil, in the promise that he would release Mason Teamus, if he had him captive. Savil entertained the notion for some time, and agreed to the deal, despite Alix Maple lacking any persuasiveness.

In the meantime, Fiona was brought to Savil’s room, and failed to be seduced by the half-mad dragon supporter. Lewyn found that Sylva Santagar was also being held captive, and worked vainly to free her, as she was heir to a banner lord in Dorne. Erick worked hard to keep Lewyn in check many times while in Savil’s presence.

Rosoy Risle, as part of the deal with Savil, was fed to Rhaena, Savil’s trained war bear, beneath the great hall’s floors. Alix Maple then swore servitude.

During all of this excitement, Flynn had poisoned the barrels of wine with Blood Dust, and expected House Savil to suffer the consequences. They did, but to a greater degree than it might have been if Alix Maple did not drink the same cup. He slew 1/3 of the Crusaders that night, and several of the rebel lords who fled to Savil’s banner also killed themselves, or each other, before being restrained by the house guard. Savil himself ended up in his own well just outside the main hall, but still alive.

The party escaped with Mason, and freed Flick’s father from the bunker outside the castle. They made it back to Captain Jack’s ship and sailed back to Seagard and Nicodemus two days later, where the party will meet up to discuss further actions.



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