The Bear, The Heir, & The Maiden Fair

Day 96 - Dragon Tyde

The party entered Seagard, discovering the three quays (Fisherman’s Quay, the Hunter’s Quay, and the Merchant’s Quay) and gathered supplies. They called upon Nicodemus, who owed them his life, and received from him passage to Blacktyde Island. They ran into Hayes Hunter in the process, and a young artist. They also hired 4 men to help them in their endeavors. Gemma, an old hedge knight, Flick and Sunc, two sellswords (Flick has an especially high disregard for House Savil), and Tawn To, a banished Dothraki sellsword.

The next day they set out for a 2 day journey to the northwest corner of BlackTyde island. There they set up camp, and scouted some of Savil’s castle. Kellen and Flynn did some dangerous recon, and Kellen killed a warden in a small jail bunker outside the castle. He found three old men who seem to have been captives for awhile, but left them there to fend for themselves.

We join the party that evening, several hundred yards down the coast of Savil’s castle…



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