The Bear, The Heir, & The Maiden Fair

Day 90 - Into Uncharted Waters

The party woke that morning and decided to investigate the mount of dirt and rock to the northeast. They approached and found a lightly guarded mine. They quickly fought their way in, and released some slaves. They then found Oswyn the Thrice Hanged and his gang, and quickly engaged them in battle. With the help of some slaves, they fought the bandits, but the battle was interrupted when Alix Maple was disarmed. After a brief exchange, they decided to go with an idea proposed by Erick, which was mutual to both parties. Continuing on with their search for Mason, they found the bodies of three men sent to waylay them, with a note pinned to one of them addressed to W. It told how Mason was the prisoner of Savil, whose house was on Blacktyde Island.

Instead of pursuing them on the sea, they decided to head back to Seagard and provision themselves before heading out to Blacktyde island.



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